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Saturday, 7 December 2013

5 Mistakes Of A Newbie

Mistake 5 which is often done by a newbie in (including me ) in managing the blog often do not feel done . This results in a reduced number of visitors of the blog , so it is not uncommon make frustrating for bloggers, specially for they who monetize their blogs. Reduced the blog visitors also means reduced revenue .5 mistakes that are often made ​​, they are :

1 . Not Consistent with niche blogBlog niche that has been determined at the beginning of creating a blog is a guide for navigational directions and blogs . If the guidelines are not adhered to then there more blank towards the blog . The dblog posts are often wide and eventually lost direction.

2 . Forgetting the quality of the postsPost quality is a major attraction for visitors , quality posts that can benefit those who read it . The more posts that do not mean the same quality in the blog by stacking garbage on your own blog .

3 . Discipline in the postDiscipline in making meaningful because discipline on make blog post also serves fresh menu for the blog visitors. So that visitors will often visit and feel at home for a long time on our blog .

4 . Getting a second opinionGetting a second opinion in writing posts is something that needs to be done , with often read articles on other people's blogs. More often  blog walking you do will be more open rides thinking blogger .

5 . Blog templateEvaluate the blog template is a must do , the more friendly look of the blog , the more visitors the blog .

All of the above often do not feel included event through by myself because for various reasons and  busyness.  Hopefully this article can give benefits and good luck with your blog .

The Three Birds

At a store that sells bird and animal feed , there are three birds that are sold at different prices . Having first bird feather colors and patterns are very beautiful , but it has the ability to sing 10 songs . This bird is sold at Rp . 1.500.000 , - .

The second bird has a feather pattern and color that is not less beautiful with the first bird and has the ability to sing 25 songs , the second bird is sold at Rp . 3.500.000 , - .

The third bird of feather colors and patterns as exciting as the first bird , which sets it apart is the third bird has the ability to sing 50 songs and is sold at Rp . 10.000.000 , -

In addition to the three birds that have the ability to sing a song and sold at different prices , there is a longer tail of the bird stores . This bird has a feather pattern and color are normal, not attractive at all and did not sing a single lagupun biased but oddly, by a bird shop owner is sold at a price that is reasonably priced fantastic Rp.50.000.000 , - . It is indeed a heavy price for a bird that at first glance does not have any advantages either of color and the ability to sing a song .
After I asked the shop owner why he sold four birds at a price that is so expensive , but nothing exciting and the sale value of the bird . The store owner just smiled at my question and replied : " you do not be fooled by the appearance and capabilities of this bird looks , I sell these birds at a price of Rp . 50.000.000 , - not without reason , I sell it at a reasonable price because people do not know that song - the song that is sung by three birds there my stores , all the songs - the song of the bird is the fourth essay , in other words bird this is the fourth bird composing songs - songs sung by other birds " .

Based on the above story , it would be wise if we are not too easy to be so easy to judge , or even a judge who does not yet know exactly what it is actually .
Just a story and hopefully provide benefits to readers .

Adsense Sweet

After nearly three years of trying to get dollars through Adsense, but it turns out that the expected result has not been achieved. a dream to be successful with adsense can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars ataubahkan is a dream that is so sweet and such a dream come true because it has a lot of bloggers who make it happen. Learning from experience master master blogger, turns to realize the dream of the above can be achieved by way of the following ways: 

1. Posting blogs on a regular basis posting can be done once a day, twice a day once a week know. in essence posting regularly and periodically performed. 

2. Quality posts I think quality post is a post that can provide benefits to visitors who read the blog, whether it adds to the knowledge, entertaining or any other thing. 

3. Original posts Posts originating from the ideas of its own and is not a result of copy and paste is a very valuable post. It's okay to take the essence of other people's blog posts but it is delivered with the writing and language of its own. 

4. Alexa Rank Blogs that have Alexa rank of less than 250,000 would be more optimal in increasing income with adsense. 

5. Pray and Seek Last but not least, after an attempt on then the thing to do is pray that the efforts of our effort to produce and achieve what we expect. 

As a blogger, I myself feel that the above five is not an easy thing to do but it is not also a thing that is impossible.