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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Adding My Blog To Technorati

My experience with technorati was quiet interesting because at the first i signing in, i must copy and paste a unique claim token to my new blog post.
What is unique claim token really is ? well it's a unique code from technorati and it's different for each claim. For an example, i must copy and paste claim token and my claim token was NMPT5KJDC2QM 

After i publish that claim token, on this period i able to claim my blog. What a smart method from technorati !. This kind of method is avoid blog claim for the illegal claim by third party.
Based on my experience, i was got trouble with my blog feed and it cause failed on my claim. After i fix it on google webmaster tools  , finally my blog claim was succed.

The benefit by adding a blog to technorati is to raise blog visitors and pagerank. If you didn't adding your blog to technorati is to raise your blog visitors and pagerank.

Did you has added your blog to technorati ?

Sunday, 11 April 2010

My Blog Promoting

Several ways has i try to promoting my blog, start from adding my blog to search engine such as google, yahoo, and MSN. Beside that I has promoting my blog through Facebook and Twitter also adding it to technorati.
The old school method has I done by tell to my friends to visit my blog and ask them to gave comment there. Maybe few of them has visited my blog but no one gave comment to my blog post. I wonder does my blog suck?
I has succeed to make a little number of visitors come and visit my blog but not one of them gave comment.  Maybe my blog articles didn’t unique and useful enough for them or my blog niche isn’t   reach maximum     level ?. Maybe if I promote my blog via stumble Upon will get the right effort or maybe my has choose wrong blog niche? If I change it, its mean I didn’t consistent to my early blog theme again. Can you tell me what must I do to make my blog better than ever ?.
Learn, learn and learn. The first thing I know and i must push my bloging ability to get my goals from the beginning I made this blog and make my blog SEO better is the way out from this empty space. I hope.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

My Blog Journey

I just arrived from hot spring water on Ciater, Subang - West Java. I took long journey from my place until i get there. My long journey to Ciater maybe quit same with my blog journey or blog walking, it's took more time to get and achieve everything we plan and try to reach.

I often visit bigger blog such as Problogger.com , Shoemoney.com and howtomakemyblog.com to get more knowledge, tips and info and gave comment on those blog to get backlinks and increase my blog rating.
More information around blogging more better my blog is, until finally based on several articles on those blog , i realized that i has make several mistakes and i try to make it right.

It's no need to call agent Scully and Mulder to find the truth, just find bigger blog than your blog, get their knowledge, info and tips and don't forget to gave comment like i did.
Now, i will continue my blog journey to make my blog better and tobe a better blogger.

Ps. For several blog i mentioned above, thank you for sharing your information.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Socialize Your Blog

More Blog publish, more blog visitor's you will get. How to publish my blog by socialize it ? it's easy by adding such as Twitter and facebook button to your blog.
If you are a blogger, just go to layout link | add a widget | Featured | Add social button and you are done. After that you must create an account on both social sites, different account for different blog are recommended.

The useful of those social button is make easier to the visitor's to share your blog post. let them share it and you will get more blog publishing. But always remember if your blog post is interesting for them but if it not, just wish for it !.

I has adding social button on my blog and somebody has share it event through still far from my hope but hei...it's mean ones of my post are worth for everybody else.
Socialize it and see what you will get.

Earn Money From A Blog

Earn money from a blog isn't impossible anymore. You can monetize it by CPC based, CPM based, become an affiliate, you named it.
It can be done but it need time, hard work and creativity. For a new blogger like me it's no need to rush for monetize a blog, just try to make a good blog and money will come by them selves. Be patience is the key to reach your goal's.

You will able to get cash when you deserve for it by make a unique and interesting post or maybe a controversial ones. it's depends on your will and how strength you reach your dream until finally dream comes true. Kept your blog interesting, entertain and educated the visitors because visitors is a king for a blog.
Learn and learning is the activity you can't leave behind, learn from another blogger and follow their steps to be like them, success like them and don't be rush !.

I hope this article can be useful to new blogger and success for you all.