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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Blogger Psychology

On my effort try to make a better blog by read and learn from several source and bigger blog than mine until finally i felt tired and boring because all my works seems useless.
Based on the condition above, i tried to gave more tension on all of my blogging activity and i get the important self awareness that not only my mind was tired but also my soul.

Mean while i kept busy to wrote articles and tried to reach my goals, actually my psychology is under a massive pressure and the worst is i don't realized it !. 
I has set several steps as a bridge to my goals which is through a good quality and visitors friendly blog post and its must be born if :

1. SEO
My post are can be stimulate and invite new blogger to come, visit and read my blog post via search engine help. Why search engine ? because the experienced blogger has already know their surf destination whitout search engine help.

2. Fresh Issue
Kept talking about the same issue until it felt so cold and your self bored to wrote it. Giving Fresh issue same as the sign that blog writer are caring to their visitors.

3. Trends
Google trends has gave me much help but maybe its better if score new trend among the blogging activity.

4. Here I am
Stop talking about your self again and again, lets talk the more useful articles and visitors needs.

Set your goals, set your sight and reach it by the basic steps or you'll loose it.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Make Your Blog Faster

Make your blog faster as same as gave more attention to your visitor's. If your blog run too slow, it can cause the visitor's felt bored and than immediately leaving your blog and off course you dan't want that happened dont you.

If a blog run to slow, it may caused by too many picture on that blog. Maybe you has already know that search engine bot crawl txt. only read picture based on it resolution size and grade, not from it art or something else.
Needed or not picture on your blog i think it's depends on what niche your blog really was although some said it's can be paced mile a part from their blog.

Finally, a picture or more can make a post more clear and loud because a picture can speak and explain a lot more but if too many picture, it can gave you problem.
Thank you.