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Pay Per Clik If Visitors Does

PPC or Pay Pee Click was one of alot of programs for those who want to monetize their Blog. for example this blog, i'm using google andsense. a lot of blogger using adsense to monetize their blog and has the benefits by using it, maybe they earn $ 100 or $ 1000 or more each month.
My experience since my blog was approved  by google adsense and  now i has using it for almost 3 year and the output has not satisfied. The problem i faced is drive the visitors to my blog, maybe my blog SEO not as good yet or my blog template not such as interesting like other blog on whole world but my dream with google adsense not fade yet, i still working and i'm sure i will earn the best result.
My mistakes for this 3 years was i don't have a structured program for my blog and for the result my blog has no navigation at all on its journey. Always go where the wind flow and it cause my blog lost it identity. my blog post becomes not unique anymore, my blog SEO are running away and far away and the result are the visitors not come and visit my blog. My oh my... what a night mare for a blogger!
Learn by those mistakes above now i start create a structured program for my blog, such as :

1. I has targeted 100 hit on my ppc ads 

2. Learn more about marketing and advertising for my blog

3. Planed Posting, every three day  post one unique article for my blog

4. More optimize my adsense ads

5. Learn more about SEO stuff

6. Make my blog more interesting and visitor friendly

7. Earn $ 100 minimum each month for the start.

But if the structured program i has done and not reach it's result, i will not get frustrated. i will see where the problem was, is it on the planed blog post or what. Maybe i must post one article every day or something else to achieve and hits my structured program.

This is my experience by using ppc from google adsense, how about you?

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