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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Registering Your Blog To Digg

More and more blog visitors means more revenue to be gained. To make that happen There are lots of ways, by registering your blog to search engines as I described in my previous post or can also register a blog that you have to social bookmarking. Any social book marking which I recommend on this occasion is to register your blog to digg.

Registering blogs is not difficult to dig, how that is:

1. Go to the main page digg site,

2. Click the sign in button, why must sign in first?
The answer is because you can only promote a link in the blog post if you are already a member of this site.

3. Fill the registration form available with the actual,

4. Open the email that you use to sign in and then do verification through a digg link to the email you send,

5. After verification, you can simply submit a link post in your blog is about to be promoted.
How it works digg actually quite simple but effective way to bring visitors to your blog, after you submit a link post, give a brief description of such posts, determine the categories of posts ago with an automatic digg post that will promote you submit it.

The thing to remember if you want to register your blog to digg the site that you manage to use English as primary language blog. As for the sites main Indonesian language would I explain in the next post.

New Features from Adsense

There's a new addition adsense from google beside the new interface, adsense also provides a new feature for the publisher, They are adsense for video, games and adsense for mobile conten.
With this new feature means that the greater the opportunity for adsense publishers to increase their income.

1. New Adsense Interface
When logging into adsense main page, there are offerings from google adsense to try the new interface. When the display turns adssense try new interface look cooler than the old adsense only possible because it was new, I'm still not fully accustomed to the new inface and starting today, adsense adsense new interface into a permanent display replaces the old view. There is only one word I can say for adsense new interface that is "Bravo".

2. Adsense For Video
A new feature to increase revenue for adsense publisher who manages the site to review or have a major niche of video and other things associated with it.

3. Adsense For Games
For those of you who have a niche site with games or manage a site that has a major niche of games or related to the games, then adsense for games is one of its great opportunities for earning additional income online.

4. Adsense For Mobile Conten
During this adsense ads appear only when we are online by using a PC, notebook or similar gadget but with the adsense for mobile adsense ads can appear on the screen smartphones like the iPhone, Blackberry or other gadgets that have a high end predicate.

Of all the description above, as an adsense publisher I just hope that in future more adsense can provide
cool new features in the feature.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Alternative Dispute Settlement Consumer

In everyday life, interactions between the buyer / consumer and merchant / business actor is a common thing to happen. With the intensity of interaction is high enough that the possibility of a dispute is unavoidable. In the event of disputes resulting from any one of the main parties who feel aggrieved either materially or unmaterially usually those who feel aggrieved are directly complained to the police and ended up in court to fight for right and truth, just settlement of disputes through the courts often take a not for a moment and the cost is not small even though the main principle of the courts of any level of court quickly and cheaply. In the production chain, the consumer is the final link so that consumers often become the aggrieved party. Therefore, the government sought to protect the purchaser or consumer by Act No. 8 of 1999 on Consumer Protection and legal institutions to resolve disputes between consumers and businesses through an alternative dispute settlement outside the court called the Consumer Dispute Settlement Board or in the Indonesian language shortened to BPSK (Badan Penyelesaian Sengketa Konsumen). Following up on The Birth of Law No. 8 Year 1999, issued the Decree of the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Indonesia Number: 350/MPP/Kep/2000 About Consumer Dispute Body.

In practice, if you as a consumer to feel aggrieved for damages, losses due to pollution or consume goods or services produced or traded by the business, then based on the provisions of Article 19 of Law - Consumer Protection Act, consumers can demand compensation. Indemnity for claims made by consumers, businesses can deliver it within a period of 7 (seven) days after the date of the transaction. Conversely, if the business refuses and / or is not responding and / or does not pay compensation as demanded by consumers, so consumers can file a settlement of business disputes through BPSK.

Then the question arises, what is a BPSK?? Consumer Dispute Settlement Body abbreviated as BPSK is one of the consumer courts, based on each area counties and cities throughout Indonesia as regulated under the Act No.8 of 1999 on Consumer Protection of the primary charge consumers resolve disputes outside the courts generally, BPSK element consists of representatives of government officials, consumers and business actors or producers who are appointed or dismissed by the Minister, in addressing and managing customer issues, BPSK has the authority to verify a report and testimony from the parties to the dispute, see or pay for a sign, bill or receipts, lab test results or other evidence, the decision of the Consumer Dispute Settlement Body (BPSK) is binding and final settlement for the parties.

If you are consumers have been harmed by the business / merchant, what to do or the words complained that lainbagaimana way to BPSK??. It's easy, consumers or their heirs or their proxies only need to apply through the Secretariat containing the BPSK is correct and complete, about:
1. Name and full address of the consumer, or his heirs with proof of identity.
2. The name and complete address of the business.
3. Goods and / or service of the complaint.
4. Proof of acquisition (Bon, Invoices, Receipts and other documentary evidence).
5. Description of the place, time and tdiperoleh goods and / or services.
6. Witnesses who knew the goods and / or services acquired.
7. Photographs of goods and services implementation activities (if any).
Consumer dispute resolution petition against this, the Secretariat will provide evidence BPSK receipt request.

As a consumer judiciary, BPSK has 3 ways of handling disputes, namely:
a. Conciliation,
b. Mediation,
c. Arbitration.

Each consumer disputes handled by BPSK, must be completed no later than within 21 working days from the request is received by BPSK. If no agreement is reached through a BPSK between consumers and businesses then no later than 14 working days from receipt of the assembly formed by BPSK, the disputing parties may file objections to the district court.

Finally in closing this article, Consumer Dispute Settlement Board is an agency that exists to protect consumers and to resolve a dispute between when consumers and businesses through an alternative dispute  settlement outside the court.