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Thursday, 17 November 2011

New Features from Adsense

There's a new addition adsense from google beside the new interface, adsense also provides a new feature for the publisher, They are adsense for video, games and adsense for mobile conten.
With this new feature means that the greater the opportunity for adsense publishers to increase their income.

1. New Adsense Interface
When logging into adsense main page, there are offerings from google adsense to try the new interface. When the display turns adssense try new interface look cooler than the old adsense only possible because it was new, I'm still not fully accustomed to the new inface and starting today, adsense adsense new interface into a permanent display replaces the old view. There is only one word I can say for adsense new interface that is "Bravo".

2. Adsense For Video
A new feature to increase revenue for adsense publisher who manages the site to review or have a major niche of video and other things associated with it.

3. Adsense For Games
For those of you who have a niche site with games or manage a site that has a major niche of games or related to the games, then adsense for games is one of its great opportunities for earning additional income online.

4. Adsense For Mobile Conten
During this adsense ads appear only when we are online by using a PC, notebook or similar gadget but with the adsense for mobile adsense ads can appear on the screen smartphones like the iPhone, Blackberry or other gadgets that have a high end predicate.

Of all the description above, as an adsense publisher I just hope that in future more adsense can provide
cool new features in the feature.

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