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Monday, 25 October 2010

Blackberry Bold 9700 Vs Nokia E72

The first impression when looking at 9700 Blacberry really very tempting. It looks elegant, its features are complete and I think the most interesting is the use of optical trackpad.
When first launched to the market, smart phones are sold at a price of Rp.6.000. 000,00 but somehow according to the article that I read from detiknet, the price was much decreased. Proved some time ago, the price of this phone is the price range of Rp. 4.000.000,00. It was at that moment I had been offered a white, attractive but it's also less manly and macho when compared with black (there's only two color choices.)

BlackBerry 9700 Bold Unlocked Smartphone with 3 MP Camera, Bluetooth, 3G, Wi-Fi, and MicroSd Slot --International Version with no Warranty (charcoal)Similar to the BlackBerry Tour 9630, when you first look at the BlackBerry Onyx you're just not quite sure what you're looking at. The close-together keys with ‘guitar fret' separators scream Bold, yet the overall form factor is much more like the BlackBerry Curve 8900. That's part of the reason it seems weird that the Onyx would be a 9600 device. In terms of the device's overall dimensions and shape and feel in the hand, it's actually closer to the Curve 8900 than it is to the 9630. Like the Curve 8520, it features a little bit more rubber than were used to seeing, but the rubbery buttons give off a quality feel. And then when you pop off the Onyx's battery cover and see the Bold's battery, the confusion increases even more. With the BlackBerry Onyx it's like RIM simply grabbed the best DNA from each device and tossed it together to make a super baby, which in this case is not a bad thing. (crackberry.com)

Nokia E72 Unlocked Phone with GPS and Free Voice Navigation -- U.S. Version with Full Warranty (Zodium Black)Since I has this smartphone, I was clueless about computers as well, especially there are some new features that I found, let's say Blackberry Mesengger. With capitalize feeling strong enough to know that, thank God it turns out features - features that are available quite easily understood. Onyx also has the facility of GPS (Global Positioning System), though still far less when compared with Nokia E72  to match Nokia that championed Onyx greatness for because it's the Nokia E72 has a built in gps. Although in terms of price, onyx is more expensive when compared with Nokia E72.
Apart from the advantages and disadvantages of each of blackberry bold 9700 and Nokia E72, eventually returned to you as a prospective buyer if interested to have it .

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Chitika Publisher and me

Get Chitika Premium
When first registering at Chitika, then I got an email rejection from them. was disappointed because he's also Chitika is the best means of monetization blog after adsense from google. In the e-mail rejection, they say that if I list the sites that can get 1000 visitors / month, I could contact them or know they will give me back.
I do not know how long and I've forgotten the name Chitika, all of a sudden when I check for incoming email, the spam folder I found the email sent by Chitika and after I open it turns out that email is an email notification that the application which was rejected once It turns out now they say yes and accept the "proposal" I am to be their publisher .... :)

The advantages of the Chitika ads can be placed side by side with adsense ads without having to fear my Adsense account was banned by google. Uniquely, the ads from this site does not appear except for blog visitors coming from Canada, USA and Europe and comes through search engines.

Above was my experience with chitika, how about you?

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Become Amazon Affilate

Amazon.com is a foreign site to sell goods - goods, especially electronic goods online and offer cooperation with a blogger to become an affiliate with a number of commissions in case of sale and purchase transaction between the buyer with this site (with an intermediary for the blog owner of course).
Become an affiliate of this site together with the opportunity to memonetisasi blog that you have to register on the site in addition to foreign and national-based or PPC, PPM or Paid Review.
When viewed from the dollar amount obtained was much larger than follow a program based on PPC, PPM or Paid Review, became an affiliate requires even more hard work if you want dollars flowing into the wallet.

If you use a blog of blogger, now made easier because amazon.com has been integrated with the bloggers as well as adsense. You only need mengclick link Monetize / Monetize on your blogger account and then just have to follow step - easy steps to register and become an affiliate of amazon.

If you've managed to become an affiliate of amazon.com, you can choose to promote amazon products sold through post and or display links or banners. As for payment method, you can choose 3 (three) types of payments, namely:
1. Gift Card
2. Paypal
3. Check
Especially for the payment by using gift cards and paypal, the minimum amount of payment from amazon for  $ 10.00 And if you choose to be paid by menggukan check, the payment amount to drink is $ 100.00

I think, affiliate business was spacious enough, because the owner of the blog as an affiliate to have freedom in choosing to promote any product and any who desired to be promoted and offered on her blog visitors / buyers.

Based on the description above, became an affiliate of amazon is one of the main ways for you who want monetize your blog and  it  worth to try. When viewed from the amount of income that will be obtained, who know to be successful as well like others.

For you who have not signed up and became an affiliate of amazon.com, it seems it is feasible to be one of the main reference and tested in an effort to memonetisasi blog you have. Good luck and good luck ..... :)

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Planed Or Spontaneously Blog Post

Blog post, something that is planned or something that is published with the spontaneous and arrived - arrive depending on the mood of a blogger?. Everyone will have different answers to these questions anyway, although in essence well planned or spontaneous, both gave birth the same thing that is posted.
The nature of the post is the result of creativity, feeling and intention of a blogger based on personal experience and / or from the results read, systematically organized and motivated a desire to share knowledge to others. although blog posts are basically ideas that evolve into a blog post written but not a scientific paper that fettered grip - standard grip and stiff!.

Inspiration, All posts must begin with inspiration. In the post-planned, whenever inspiration comes not simply poured into the post and then with a flash of inspiration was published but was followed by supporting information search as complete as possible, be used as a draft post and then once considered to be adequate before publication. Post a planned must have experienced more correction when compared with the posts that are published in spontaneity.

As we all know that blog posts are very closely related to the visitors and pagerank. Do visitors have to wait for inspiration to come over to us or we have to lure them by presenting a "menu" posts that are interesting, educative, entertaining and periodically?.

Quality posts, the quality of the blog is determined by many things and one of them is posted. One of the economic principle says that "product quality equals to price".The link with less or no precise and grammar that are not friendly visitors is that the post was not paying attention and care to the reader so that such posts do not necessarily provide high value to the reader prior to the author. Therefore, the above economic principles should always be a record in managing a blog.

I think it here first,Hopefully the article above can provide benefits and success for all.