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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Become Amazon Affilate

Amazon.com is a foreign site to sell goods - goods, especially electronic goods online and offer cooperation with a blogger to become an affiliate with a number of commissions in case of sale and purchase transaction between the buyer with this site (with an intermediary for the blog owner of course).
Become an affiliate of this site together with the opportunity to memonetisasi blog that you have to register on the site in addition to foreign and national-based or PPC, PPM or Paid Review.
When viewed from the dollar amount obtained was much larger than follow a program based on PPC, PPM or Paid Review, became an affiliate requires even more hard work if you want dollars flowing into the wallet.

If you use a blog of blogger, now made easier because amazon.com has been integrated with the bloggers as well as adsense. You only need mengclick link Monetize / Monetize on your blogger account and then just have to follow step - easy steps to register and become an affiliate of amazon.

If you've managed to become an affiliate of amazon.com, you can choose to promote amazon products sold through post and or display links or banners. As for payment method, you can choose 3 (three) types of payments, namely:
1. Gift Card
2. Paypal
3. Check
Especially for the payment by using gift cards and paypal, the minimum amount of payment from amazon for  $ 10.00 And if you choose to be paid by menggukan check, the payment amount to drink is $ 100.00

I think, affiliate business was spacious enough, because the owner of the blog as an affiliate to have freedom in choosing to promote any product and any who desired to be promoted and offered on her blog visitors / buyers.

Based on the description above, became an affiliate of amazon is one of the main ways for you who want monetize your blog and  it  worth to try. When viewed from the amount of income that will be obtained, who know to be successful as well like others.

For you who have not signed up and became an affiliate of amazon.com, it seems it is feasible to be one of the main reference and tested in an effort to memonetisasi blog you have. Good luck and good luck ..... :)

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