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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Chitika Publisher and me

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When first registering at Chitika, then I got an email rejection from them. was disappointed because he's also Chitika is the best means of monetization blog after adsense from google. In the e-mail rejection, they say that if I list the sites that can get 1000 visitors / month, I could contact them or know they will give me back.
I do not know how long and I've forgotten the name Chitika, all of a sudden when I check for incoming email, the spam folder I found the email sent by Chitika and after I open it turns out that email is an email notification that the application which was rejected once It turns out now they say yes and accept the "proposal" I am to be their publisher .... :)

The advantages of the Chitika ads can be placed side by side with adsense ads without having to fear my Adsense account was banned by google. Uniquely, the ads from this site does not appear except for blog visitors coming from Canada, USA and Europe and comes through search engines.

Above was my experience with chitika, how about you?

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