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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Does Your Blog Visitor's Friendly?

Does your blog visitor's friendly? if does it's good because you are care enough to them. If your blog not visitor's friendly, just wait until wild grass grow quickly on your blog landscape.To avoid that thing happened the right steps is arrange your blog layout, rearrange  the position your widgets become more friendly and more comfort to the visitor's eyes.

How make it happen? it's just take a minute, just read the following steps below :

1.  Log in to blogger | Layout | Page Elements.

2.  Are you done? if does choose choose the widget that you want to arrange it position by click, hold it
     and move it to the position you desired to.

3.  To Delete a widget, you just click Edit on the widget | Delete

4.   Adding a new widget by click on the Add Widget link | choose the widget you want to add

5.  Save your work or your work become nothing!

The comfort of your blog to the visitor's ayes and friendly blog layout are very important because they will stay along and come visit your blog again.

Monday, 29 March 2010

How To Add and Arrange Page Element

Does your blog become lonely from the visitors? if does maybe it caused by the page layout doesn't visitors friendly. To avoid that, you can add or arrange page element of your blog.
But i'm a new blogger, don't you worry about it because i'm a new blogger too. It's hard? no, it's easy and just took a minute. Just read the instruction below.

1.  Log in to Blogger

2.  After you in, click Layout | Page Elements

3.  On the Page Elements links, you can arrange, add or event delete a widget.

4.  If you want to add a widget, you just click the add widget link and choose what kind of page you refer to.

5.  To Arrange a widget position, click on the widget you desire to arrange and hold it until you done.

6.   I want to delete a widget!. it's not a big deal. you just click on the widget and delete it.

The comfortable of the visitor's are very important, it can be answered if the page element of your blog are visitor's friendly.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Add Your Blog To Google

How To add blog to google, why? until this time google is the most popular search engine. By adding your blog it's mean you are use google as an media to publish your blog and it's gave you a bigger chance to increase your blog traffic. 

Increased traffic plus add your blog to google seems equals by add it to google add URL and google webmaster, both are free!.

After you add it, your blog will appear on those search engine every time you or somebody else type the word that contained on your blog or post.
How about pagerank? i will talk about it later.

Thank You.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Does Your Blog Has Google Search Box ?

Does the visitor must have trouble to find a post on your blog? if does it's mean you don't care enough to your visitors. Don't be surprised if the the traffic become less than before.

Don't worry because it can't be happened if google search box is there. How to add?
It's easy to add because Blogger has this feature. All have to do first Log In to Blogger.com  | Layout | 
Add a Wigdet | Search Box.

There you can configure this feature and Save it. Care to your visitors, make friend with them than you'll get what you pay for.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

How To Manage Comments

The visitors of your blog can added comment on your post. They can gave you to write more or the opposite. To avoid the bad comment appear on your post, you can manage it or control which comment are pass and displayed.

All have to do after you log in are go to Settings | Comments. Configure the feature and save it or you will lost your work. 

If Comment Moderation feature was active, every comment from your blog visitor are need your agree to be displayed or if you can reject it if you like.

Some Blogger was disagree with this feature, how about you?

Saturday, 20 March 2010

How To Create a Blog With Blogger - For Beginner -

Blogging becomes more popular among the society. stop wondering how to make a blog, what should i wrote on my blog, does my blog will have high trafick, and do i can earn money from my blog?.
The answer for your questions are Stop Imagine and take action!. Create your blog, write the stuff you knew, make a blog for the visitors/readers, entertain them, teach them, they will comes by them self if your blog interesting for them. Don't make it for your self or event worst for the search engine. Until finally you can monetize your blog.

How to create a blog and the 3 easy steps from Blogger.


     1.1.  What you waiting for? click "Create A Blog" button.  

     1.2.   Type your email. Oh no i don't have an email account, please.... come on created one first or you 
               can create a Gmail account on this page. 

     1.3.   Are you finish yet with your email account? if does retype your email again in to second box.

     1.4.   Insert a password for your blog.

     1.5.   Retype your password again.

     1.6.   Author Name, fill it with your real name or nick name. it will appear every time you post.

     1.7.   Type the verification words and click "Continue" button.


     2.1.  Blog Title, every thing on this earth has a name so does your blog . Find an unique ones but it must   
              able to describe what kind your blog really is.

     2.2.  Url Address, how can i find your blog if it don't have an address. make your blog address and than 
               check was the address available or not by clicking "availability" button. Don't get up if the address 
               wasn't available, it's mean somebody has taken the address. find out more.

     2.3.  Verification Words, verify again and go to "continue" to the step.


    3.1.  Decide which design for your blog and Blogger has provide it for you. if you get boring or you willing
              to change the blog design, you can change it some other time.

    3.2.  Don't get boring because you almost done. click "Next" button.

    3.3.  Congratulations, your blog has been created!. You can start posting or log out.

It was easy wasn't it?

Friday, 19 March 2010

How To Make Recent Post On My Blog

New Post or usually called Recent Post is ones of Blogger feature that shown a short information of your new post, displayed by straight line which help visitors or readers to knew the list of your new interesting post.

The question is how to make recent post on my blog ?

1.  Log On in to Blogger.com

2.  After you in, go to Settings | Layout | Ad a Gadget, wait a while until the Pop Up window appear,
     after that point your sight and find Featured link

3.  Click the Featured link, search for the Recent Post link and click it and than Set your option | Save

Well, keep the post rollin.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

How To Send Blogpost Via Email - Step - By - Step

Sending blogpost via Email can be done by using the mail to Blogger feature and its turn any email account. it took less time to spend because you can send post everywhere and anywhere you want to.
To activated this features you must configure the mail to Blogger address by Log on into your Blogger address | Manage Setings | Email and Cellular.

On the Email  and Cellular setings tab, fill with your email address, it must be same when you register into blogger.com. After that, you must fill the mail to Blogger address, change the secret word by your own. For an  example the format of email address is "username.secretwords@blogger.com".

The secret words must be kept secret. Otherwise, anyone who gets it will be able to send blogpost as you. If you has finish with your secret words, choose the option to publish emails immediatly ar save post as a draf (the post will not publish until you log on into blogger as usuall and publish it by your self).

Monday, 8 March 2010


Welcome to my blog.
Until this day, blog or web log is an efective media to publish every idea or anything on the internet.
I'm using blogspot or blogger from google because it's free and has complete fitur for a free blog software.
well... are you interesting to have your own blog and become a blogger. i did.