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Saturday, 20 March 2010

How To Create a Blog With Blogger - For Beginner -

Blogging becomes more popular among the society. stop wondering how to make a blog, what should i wrote on my blog, does my blog will have high trafick, and do i can earn money from my blog?.
The answer for your questions are Stop Imagine and take action!. Create your blog, write the stuff you knew, make a blog for the visitors/readers, entertain them, teach them, they will comes by them self if your blog interesting for them. Don't make it for your self or event worst for the search engine. Until finally you can monetize your blog.

How to create a blog and the 3 easy steps from Blogger.


     1.1.  What you waiting for? click "Create A Blog" button.  

     1.2.   Type your email. Oh no i don't have an email account, please.... come on created one first or you 
               can create a Gmail account on this page. 

     1.3.   Are you finish yet with your email account? if does retype your email again in to second box.

     1.4.   Insert a password for your blog.

     1.5.   Retype your password again.

     1.6.   Author Name, fill it with your real name or nick name. it will appear every time you post.

     1.7.   Type the verification words and click "Continue" button.


     2.1.  Blog Title, every thing on this earth has a name so does your blog . Find an unique ones but it must   
              able to describe what kind your blog really is.

     2.2.  Url Address, how can i find your blog if it don't have an address. make your blog address and than 
               check was the address available or not by clicking "availability" button. Don't get up if the address 
               wasn't available, it's mean somebody has taken the address. find out more.

     2.3.  Verification Words, verify again and go to "continue" to the step.


    3.1.  Decide which design for your blog and Blogger has provide it for you. if you get boring or you willing
              to change the blog design, you can change it some other time.

    3.2.  Don't get boring because you almost done. click "Next" button.

    3.3.  Congratulations, your blog has been created!. You can start posting or log out.

It was easy wasn't it?

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