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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Does Your Blog Visitor's Friendly?

Does your blog visitor's friendly? if does it's good because you are care enough to them. If your blog not visitor's friendly, just wait until wild grass grow quickly on your blog landscape.To avoid that thing happened the right steps is arrange your blog layout, rearrange  the position your widgets become more friendly and more comfort to the visitor's eyes.

How make it happen? it's just take a minute, just read the following steps below :

1.  Log in to blogger | Layout | Page Elements.

2.  Are you done? if does choose choose the widget that you want to arrange it position by click, hold it
     and move it to the position you desired to.

3.  To Delete a widget, you just click Edit on the widget | Delete

4.   Adding a new widget by click on the Add Widget link | choose the widget you want to add

5.  Save your work or your work become nothing!

The comfort of your blog to the visitor's ayes and friendly blog layout are very important because they will stay along and come visit your blog again.

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