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Monday, 29 March 2010

How To Add and Arrange Page Element

Does your blog become lonely from the visitors? if does maybe it caused by the page layout doesn't visitors friendly. To avoid that, you can add or arrange page element of your blog.
But i'm a new blogger, don't you worry about it because i'm a new blogger too. It's hard? no, it's easy and just took a minute. Just read the instruction below.

1.  Log in to Blogger

2.  After you in, click Layout | Page Elements

3.  On the Page Elements links, you can arrange, add or event delete a widget.

4.  If you want to add a widget, you just click the add widget link and choose what kind of page you refer to.

5.  To Arrange a widget position, click on the widget you desire to arrange and hold it until you done.

6.   I want to delete a widget!. it's not a big deal. you just click on the widget and delete it.

The comfortable of the visitor's are very important, it can be answered if the page element of your blog are visitor's friendly.

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