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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Planed Or Spontaneously Blog Post

Blog post, something that is planned or something that is published with the spontaneous and arrived - arrive depending on the mood of a blogger?. Everyone will have different answers to these questions anyway, although in essence well planned or spontaneous, both gave birth the same thing that is posted.
The nature of the post is the result of creativity, feeling and intention of a blogger based on personal experience and / or from the results read, systematically organized and motivated a desire to share knowledge to others. although blog posts are basically ideas that evolve into a blog post written but not a scientific paper that fettered grip - standard grip and stiff!.

Inspiration, All posts must begin with inspiration. In the post-planned, whenever inspiration comes not simply poured into the post and then with a flash of inspiration was published but was followed by supporting information search as complete as possible, be used as a draft post and then once considered to be adequate before publication. Post a planned must have experienced more correction when compared with the posts that are published in spontaneity.

As we all know that blog posts are very closely related to the visitors and pagerank. Do visitors have to wait for inspiration to come over to us or we have to lure them by presenting a "menu" posts that are interesting, educative, entertaining and periodically?.

Quality posts, the quality of the blog is determined by many things and one of them is posted. One of the economic principle says that "product quality equals to price".The link with less or no precise and grammar that are not friendly visitors is that the post was not paying attention and care to the reader so that such posts do not necessarily provide high value to the reader prior to the author. Therefore, the above economic principles should always be a record in managing a blog.

I think it here first,Hopefully the article above can provide benefits and success for all.

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