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Friday, 6 December 2013

Mie Xtra Pedas

For fans of noodles, chicken noodle name or boiled noodles or other types of noodles are already familiar. Falkirk town just information in there that sells noodles known as spicy, as the name is Mie XP or extra spicy noodles.
There are various levels of spicy noodles sold in XP, ranging from level 1 to level 10 which is commonly called thunder storm level.
According to a study shows that compounds found in chili peppers that could have the effect of burning calories in the body when chewed for about 20 minutes. For those of you who are undergoing a diet program, it never hurts to add extra sauce or spicy noodles consumed in the diet menu. For those of you who are interested to try out the spicy flavor noodles XP, can come to Mangga Street No. 1, Karawang, West Java (Front of Karawang Local Government Building).
The process of making noodles XP is no different from other noodles, which are different ingredients and special seasoning that providing an noticeably different, especially the chili that makes it so distinctive noodles.
I never felt the sensation of eating XP directly, at the time I ordered boiled noodle with spicy level 4. At this level, spicy flavor that feels in the mouth was still quite moderate and friendly to the tongue. However no sweat feels pretty good and coupled with a snack of crackers make it tasteful eating noodles. The tongue and soft noodle broth and feels very solid once, the chips sized small enough so it feels crisp.
This noodle lovers of various kinds, ranging from private employee, student, students, officials and the local community. The price is quite friendly with pockets that start from Rp. 7,000 to Rp.13.000 per portion.
For those addicted to the spicy taste, the noodles taste XP is a challenge that needs to be answered and they conquered.
If you are challenged to taste the extra spicy flavor noodles, noodles XP open at 10:00 to 22:00 pm. Come and enjoy the spicy taste that is so kick.

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