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Saturday, 7 December 2013

The Three Birds

At a store that sells bird and animal feed , there are three birds that are sold at different prices . Having first bird feather colors and patterns are very beautiful , but it has the ability to sing 10 songs . This bird is sold at Rp . 1.500.000 , - .

The second bird has a feather pattern and color that is not less beautiful with the first bird and has the ability to sing 25 songs , the second bird is sold at Rp . 3.500.000 , - .

The third bird of feather colors and patterns as exciting as the first bird , which sets it apart is the third bird has the ability to sing 50 songs and is sold at Rp . 10.000.000 , -

In addition to the three birds that have the ability to sing a song and sold at different prices , there is a longer tail of the bird stores . This bird has a feather pattern and color are normal, not attractive at all and did not sing a single lagupun biased but oddly, by a bird shop owner is sold at a price that is reasonably priced fantastic Rp.50.000.000 , - . It is indeed a heavy price for a bird that at first glance does not have any advantages either of color and the ability to sing a song .
After I asked the shop owner why he sold four birds at a price that is so expensive , but nothing exciting and the sale value of the bird . The store owner just smiled at my question and replied : " you do not be fooled by the appearance and capabilities of this bird looks , I sell these birds at a price of Rp . 50.000.000 , - not without reason , I sell it at a reasonable price because people do not know that song - the song that is sung by three birds there my stores , all the songs - the song of the bird is the fourth essay , in other words bird this is the fourth bird composing songs - songs sung by other birds " .

Based on the above story , it would be wise if we are not too easy to be so easy to judge , or even a judge who does not yet know exactly what it is actually .
Just a story and hopefully provide benefits to readers .

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