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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Adding My Blog To Technorati

My experience with technorati was quiet interesting because at the first i signing in, i must copy and paste a unique claim token to my new blog post.
What is unique claim token really is ? well it's a unique code from technorati and it's different for each claim. For an example, i must copy and paste claim token and my claim token was NMPT5KJDC2QM 

After i publish that claim token, on this period i able to claim my blog. What a smart method from technorati !. This kind of method is avoid blog claim for the illegal claim by third party.
Based on my experience, i was got trouble with my blog feed and it cause failed on my claim. After i fix it on google webmaster tools  , finally my blog claim was succed.

The benefit by adding a blog to technorati is to raise blog visitors and pagerank. If you didn't adding your blog to technorati is to raise your blog visitors and pagerank.

Did you has added your blog to technorati ?

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