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Sunday, 11 April 2010

My Blog Promoting

Several ways has i try to promoting my blog, start from adding my blog to search engine such as google, yahoo, and MSN. Beside that I has promoting my blog through Facebook and Twitter also adding it to technorati.
The old school method has I done by tell to my friends to visit my blog and ask them to gave comment there. Maybe few of them has visited my blog but no one gave comment to my blog post. I wonder does my blog suck?
I has succeed to make a little number of visitors come and visit my blog but not one of them gave comment.  Maybe my blog articles didn’t unique and useful enough for them or my blog niche isn’t   reach maximum     level ?. Maybe if I promote my blog via stumble Upon will get the right effort or maybe my has choose wrong blog niche? If I change it, its mean I didn’t consistent to my early blog theme again. Can you tell me what must I do to make my blog better than ever ?.
Learn, learn and learn. The first thing I know and i must push my bloging ability to get my goals from the beginning I made this blog and make my blog SEO better is the way out from this empty space. I hope.

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