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Saturday, 10 April 2010

My Blog Journey

I just arrived from hot spring water on Ciater, Subang - West Java. I took long journey from my place until i get there. My long journey to Ciater maybe quit same with my blog journey or blog walking, it's took more time to get and achieve everything we plan and try to reach.

I often visit bigger blog such as Problogger.com , Shoemoney.com and howtomakemyblog.com to get more knowledge, tips and info and gave comment on those blog to get backlinks and increase my blog rating.
More information around blogging more better my blog is, until finally based on several articles on those blog , i realized that i has make several mistakes and i try to make it right.

It's no need to call agent Scully and Mulder to find the truth, just find bigger blog than your blog, get their knowledge, info and tips and don't forget to gave comment like i did.
Now, i will continue my blog journey to make my blog better and tobe a better blogger.

Ps. For several blog i mentioned above, thank you for sharing your information.

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