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Friday, 9 April 2010

Socialize Your Blog

More Blog publish, more blog visitor's you will get. How to publish my blog by socialize it ? it's easy by adding such as Twitter and facebook button to your blog.
If you are a blogger, just go to layout link | add a widget | Featured | Add social button and you are done. After that you must create an account on both social sites, different account for different blog are recommended.

The useful of those social button is make easier to the visitor's to share your blog post. let them share it and you will get more blog publishing. But always remember if your blog post is interesting for them but if it not, just wish for it !.

I has adding social button on my blog and somebody has share it event through still far from my hope but hei...it's mean ones of my post are worth for everybody else.
Socialize it and see what you will get.

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